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Pipeños 2020




Pipeño Portezuelo 

Family Patrizio Martinez 

Pipeño Coronel del Maule

Family Sergio Perez

Pipeño Carrizal Blanco

Family Ernesto and Marisol Soto 

Pipeño Portezuelo Blanco

Family Patrizio Martinez 

Farm of Ricardo Gardeveg

Hills of Pilen Alto

Gorda Blanca 2017
Blend of various white grapes from the Itata valley. 




The previous wines

The production is divided into four main ranges


Louis-Antoine Luyt




The line Louis Antoine Luyt gives a nod towards the Chilean wine culture.


They are all varietals and the labels are inspired by a renowned advertisement used on Santiago’s buses.






The Pipeno wines are elaborated in the Chilean

most traditional way. That is

to say the harvests are trampled and removed from their clusters manually over a “zaranda” and then vinificated in a lagar (opened tank). The juice is then kept in “pipas”, hence the name of Pipeño.The wine is only made from the juice of this maceration.


Besides the Pipeños produced by himself, Louis-Antoine developed activities with local growers as producers of pipeños.

Pais et Huasa


This line is elaborated from the variety Pais, also called Mision, Listan Prieto.


This variety brought by the missionaries and was set aside from 

    the Chilean wine industry, until Louis Antoine Luyt showed that

     he  could make fine wines with them and ones of high quality.


Clos Ouvert





The Clos Ouvert wines are rather varietal wines, instead of being as "terroir" as are the other wins. They mainly are blended wines with the Pais variety for a base.


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