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- Vinos naturales de Chile -



 At 22 years old, I visited South America for the first time. I just wanted to improve my Spanish, but in Chili I found a life's mission when I came into contact with the traditional peasant culture and gastronomy of Chili.


I visited the oldest vineyards I had ever seen (up to 300 years old). Non-irrigated, beautiful terroirs planted with native varieties. Franc de pied vineyards that have never been touched by phylloxera. Un-trained bush-vines on complex soils composed of red iron clay, quartz, schist, granite and marble. But where were the wines that come from these vineyards? The restaurant where I worked only sold wines made of recently planted French varieties released by cooperatives, they had nothing to do with what I had seen. I was surprised that the gastronomic culture was a world apart from the ancient rural traditions and so began my quest to bring the wines of these rustic vineyards to more dinner tables.

'Harvest' by Thomas Parayre

Vineyards of 250 years old, no phylloxera, franc de pied, authentic traditional Chilean vinification with a drop of Beaujolais, made with local farmers to uphold traditional wine-making in Chili. 

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