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The Team - The Friends


A team


Dorothée Luyt, Louis-Antoine's wife, bring her experience to the management and logistics of the company.


The "Brasseurs de vin" are the people coming every year to help Louis-Antoine during the harvests.


Sergio Cereceda, Diego Hernandez, Rodrigo Lepe are the designers of the labels.


Thomas Parayre is in charge of audiovisual communication.


Partnership - Viña los Nogales





Louis-Antoine Luyt brings his advices to friends working their own vineyards and help them in the vinification process and the marketing and selling of their wines.





The brothers Olivier and Christian Porte planted their first vines in 2001 in San Pablo in the Región de los Lagos, located in the south of Chile.


Their production is organic and they produce the Cruchon that we present here, but also two other blend wines, a red one and a white one.


To contact them you can write to these emails:







100% Pinot Noir

10 years


Viña González Bastías


José Luis Gómez Bastías and his familyi are the owners of this 200 years old vineyard, located near Talca in the Maule region.


Their wines are all made organically and elaborated according to the ancestral techniques that have made the specificities of chilean wines.


You can discover this incredible vineyard on their website to plan your visit there:

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